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Welcome to the home page of DnF Central, a centralized source of information for Dungeon & Fighter and every major localization. Dungeon & Fighter, otherwise known as DnF, is a South Korean 2D MMO Action RPG originating from South Korea. Major localizations include Japan (Arad Senki), China (CDnF), Taiwan (DNFTW), and previously U.S./Canada/Oceania (Dungeon Fighter Online) as well.

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[Season 4 Act 3] Quick Links: Overview/전체보기, Job : Chaos/전직 : 카오스, Awakening : Devil Queen/각성 : 마왕, Chaos Skill Additions/카오스 스킬 추가[3/27], Chaos Item Additions/카오스 아이템 추가[3/27], Knight Related Changes/나이트 관련 변경 사항, Item Additions & Changes/아이템 추가 및 변경, Other Important Changes/기타 중요 변경 사항, In Practice, Notes

Current Events: Gunner (M) Equipment Rental Event (4/17-5/22), 2014 April Item of the Month (3/27-4/24), Miles Shop Season 4 (3/13-6/12), Chaos & Gunner (M) Level Up Goal (3/13-5/8), Dungeon & Fighter 2014 (2/28-12/31), PC Bang Sweet Time Season 7 (2/27-4/24), Draw King Season 2 (2/27-4/24)
Current Cera Packages: Teaching Under Moonlight Comeback Package (4/10-4/24), Rare Avatar Synthesis Package (3/27-4/24), Plan Complete Package (3/13-5/8)
Recent Game Updates: Game Update (4/24), Game Update (4/17), Game Update (4/10), Game Update (4/3), Game Update (3/27)
Recent First Server Updates: First Server Update (3/31)


[Season 4 Chapter 4 part 2] Quick Links: Otherverse Breakthrough Chapter/异界突围篇, Helix Laboratory/赫拉斯研究所, Marriage System/结婚系统, Notes


[Season 3 Act 4 part 3] Quick Links: Patch Notes, Footnotes


[Open Beta] Quick Links: 4/9 Patch Notes, 4/25 Patch Notes, 5/16 Patch Notes, 5/30 Patch Notes, 6/13 Patch Notes, 7/11 Patch Notes, 8/8 Patch Notes, 9/12 Patch Notes, 10/17 Game Update, 11/14 Game Update, 12/5 Game Update, 12/19 Game Update, 1/9/2014 Game Update, 2/20/2014 Game Update, 3/13/2014 Game Update, Notices, 5/30 Events
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